Serenity Now: Self-Care for Burnt Out Moms

By 9am on Sunday morning, I’d lost count of the number of times my son called for me. “Mom, look!” “Mom, come here.” “Mom, where’s the remote?” If I were to stack Legos on top of one another, adding a new piece every time I was beckoned during the day, the stack would grow into a tower capable of reaching the moon by dinnertime.

Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash

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All day long I’m bombarded with noise; a cacophony that stops only when the kids are up to no good (and at that point it’s my turn to be the loud one). Aside from nap and the occasional screen time, I spend my day surrounded by demands for attention and snacks. It’s exhausting and frenetic, and it leaves me in a state of near constant angst.

But at some point in the day, after a long list of thankless, soul-crushing tasks, the kids go to bed and I breathe a sigh of relief.

After I’ve made dinner, served it, and the kids threw half of it on the floor. I usually miss a few crumbs during clean-up and that, folks, is why we have an “ant problem”.

After I’ve coerced my toddler into picking up his toys and chased him around with a toothbrush until one of us (him) gives up.

After those little angels have been bathed and I’ve mopped up all the bubbles they spilled out of the tub in the process.

After I’ve wrangled the kids into their pajamas, which I would liken to putting skinny jeans on an eel in terms of sheer difficulty.

When all this is done, I need the “mom”ing to stop. I need the absence of all sounds which originate outside of my body. I need to hear my lungs capture air and set it free again. I need to form and contemplate my own thoughts and be released from the prodding of sweet (and often sticky) little hands.

I need yoga, and you probably do too. It’s part meditation, part stretching, and part exercise. It’s a little peace, a little quiet, and a little warmth.  It’s a sprinkle of empowerment, a reminder of my own strength, and a brief but powerful connection to the universe.  I know that last part sounds a little woo-woo but of all the things I’ve tried to help soften the sharp, sometimes agonizing corners of motherhood, yoga wins every time.

Namaste, mamas.

P.S. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can practice on carpet or a low-pile rug. I did this for years before getting my Manduka mat (under $45 on Amazon with Prime 1-day shipping). Or there’s the more budget-friendly Gaiam classic mat (under $19 on Amazon with Prime shipping).

P.P.S. If you are overwhelmed by the millions of yoga videos on YouTube, check out Yoga With Adriene. I’m not affiliated with her in any way, shape, or form… I just like her vids!!

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